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How Can I Tell If I Need New Brakes?

The brakes on your vehicle are one of your Toyota’s most important car parts. They are your life saver if you suddenly need to stop – so it is vital that they are checked regularly to ensure they are working properly. For example, if your brakes are in proper working order and have been service and maintained then you vehicle should take the length of a football field - about 100 yards - to come to a complete stop when you are driving over 60 miles per hour.

However, if you haven't kept your brakes serviced, then stopping suddenly could take a lot longer and could result in a serious accident. Getting your brakes checked may not be something you think about every day, but it's definitely an important one.

Here are the common ways to tell if you need new brakes:

1. Brake Light On

The most obvious way to spot a problem with your brakes is if the brake light comes on in your dash. If your brake light comes on and stays on, book an appointment with Lawley Toyota for a check-up.

2. Worn Pads

Your brake pads do not last forever. They start to wear thin after excessive use and become less and less effective as they wear out. Luckily, you can check your brake pads for thickness yourself and it's very easy to do. To check your pads, look between the spokes of your wheel at the shiny metal rotor, then examine its outer edge for the metal caliper. You can find the brake pad between the caliper and the rotor. A good pad should be at least a quarter-of-an-inch thick, if your pad is any less than that, bring your car in for a brake check.

3. Unusual Sounds

A good way to tell if your brakes need changing is to listen to your car. Loud squeals coming from your vehicle may indicate a problem with your brakes. This sound can be very loud, but if you are blasting loud music from your car you may miss it. Make sure you listen carefully to your vehicle for any issues and contact a specialist with any questions.

4. Your Car Feels Strange

If your vehicle starts to resist or pull to your steering then this may also indicate a problem with your brakes. This resistance could also be a stuck caliper, but it is something so make sure you bring your car in for a service if you notice this.

5. Vibrations

If you find when you use your brake the pedal vibrates and pulses underneath your foot then you could have a problem with your brakes. A vibrating brake pedal often means your rotors are warped and need fixing.

6. Odd Pedal Reactions

If your pedal reacts oddly to your touch then there could be something array with your brakes. Weak brakes could be a result of worn brake pads or a leak from the brake fluid. On the other hand, your brake may be over-reactive to your touch – this can also be a sign of dirty brake fluid, which we can easily replace at Lawley Toyota.

Avoid being caught with faulty brakes. Book your Toyota vehicle in for regular service at Lawley Toyota, the number one choice for Toyota drivers in Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, Bayard and Tyrone area.